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Wednesday, November 30

Wordless Wednesday

I'm craving for this. I wan to eat at least 3pcs but tot is still awake. Don't want her to see me eating otherwise she would grab it from me. lol

Tuesday, November 29


Because I'm bored, guess what I just did?

Tweaked this blog, say for countless of times already! And I dunno if I'm satisfied with its simple and neat look.

I have my period (do I really need to say it here? lol) and the syndromes are making me unproductive. Tssskkk.. How I hate it!

And that also includes my lack of interest to dig some worthy photos to share, haha! Forgive me Ate Raya, this is me when lazy. ;)

Anyhooo, my bwi-ZITS need to be treated. *sigh*

I soooo need pampering!

Ginataang Bilo-Bilo

We had this Ginataang Bilo-bilo last time.


Glutinous rice flour
Coconut milk
Boiled and cooked sago
Saba bananas


In mixing bowl add the glutinous rice flour and half a cup of water. Mash using hand until well blended and dough like. Make a small round shape rice balls and set aside.
Boil coconut milk and cup of water in big pot. Add the cassava,coconut and bananas. Stir occasionally while simmering on medium heat until tender.
When it's tender add the rice balls and sugar to sweeten. Stir and simmer for few minutes or until rice balls are cooked.
Lastly, add the cooked sago. Stir occasionally and simmer for few more minutes.

Monday, November 28

Red Shoe

Seen this last time we went to the mall. My tot tried many pairs already but her size was out of stock. Poor kiddo, so we have to look again maybe this weekend to pair her dress for their upcoming Christmas party.

Sunday, November 27

What is in your Cereal?

We woke up late this morning so me and my tot settled for a quick to prepare breakfast.

Cereals. Well, this is not our usual breakfast. It is only today that we have eaten a bowl and to my surprise my kiddo liked it. 

So maybe I will include this to her breakfast list during schooldays. 

Cereal Nutrition:

When you're choosing a breakfast cereal, be sure you check out the serving size. Some serving sizes are as little as half a cup, so accidentally gulping down a double portion can really throw your nutritional calculations for a loop! Some of the best low-calorie cereals include: Wheaties (106 calories), Honey Nut Cheerios (112 calories), Kashi Mighty Bites (120 calories/1 cup serving), Kashi Organic Promise Strawberry Fields (120 calories), Natures Promise Honey Whole Grain Cereal (147 calories), Kelloggs All Bran Yogurt Bites (150 calories), Post Honey Nut Shredded Wheat (160 calories), Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries (160 calories), Special K Fruit & Yogurt (160 calories), Yogurt Burst Cheerios (160 calories) and Kashi Go Lean Crunch (190 calories). For the best results, measure out your serving with a measuring cup scoop. Remember to have that with half a cup of low-fat or skim milk, which has half the calories of whole milk!
Think Whole Grain
According to the Mayo Clinic, "Whole grains haven't had their bran and germ removed by milling, making them good sources of fiber... Among many health benefits, high-fiber foods also tend to make you feel full longer." The FDA says fiber plays an important role in preventing diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, hypertension and digestive disorders. After all, it's fiber that pushes food through our digestive systems, absorbs water and makes ridding the body of waste much easier. When looking for a healthy breakfast cereal, "Consumers should aim to select cereals that are high in fiber, ones that are made with whole grains," explains Sandra Affenito, associate nutrition professor at Saint Joseph College. "Americans of all ages do not consume the recommended fiber intake."
By contrast, refined cereals--even with their added vitamins and minerals--don't provide as many nutrients as whole grains, Mayo Clinic experts add. On average, a refined cereal strips away 66% of the cereal's fiber, 62% of the folate, 92% of the selenium and 99% of the phytochemicals essential for healthy living. You'll want to avoid refined grain cereals like Apple Jacks,Cap'n Crunch, Quaker Chex, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Crispix, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Honey Bunches of Oats, Kix, Lucky, Rice Krispies and Special K.
So which cereals are our fiber winners? Bran Buds leads the pack with 36 grams of fiber, which is almost your daily recommendation. You can also look for: All-Bran Plus Fiber (31 grams), Fiber One (28.5 grams), Grape Nuts (11 grams), Raisin Bran (8 grams), Kashi Go Lean Crunch (8 grams), Original Post Spoon Size Shredded Wheat (6 grams), Trader Joe's Frosted Vanilla Shredded Bite Size Wheats (5 grams) and Trader Joe's Soy and Flax Clusters (5 grams). Generally, any cereal with 5 or more grams of fiber is considered a good bet.
Look for Low Sugar
It's easy to overdose on sugar, experts warn, since we have so many other sources of it in our daily diets. Generally, your cereal should not contain more than 25% of its calories from sugar. To calculate this, multiply the grams of sugar per serving by 4 (because there are 4 calories per gram of sugar). Next, divide this number (calories from sugar) by the total number of calories per serving.Then multiply this number by 100 to find the percentage of calories from sugar. According to Consumer Reports and MSNBC, 11 popular cereals have more than 40% of their calories from sugar, including Post Golden Crisp, Kelloggs Honey Smacks and Raisin Bran. With this much sugar, you may as well eat a doughnut for breakfast!
Good low-sugar cereals include: Mighty Bites Honey Crunch Cereal by Kashi, Frosted Vanilla Shredded Bite Size Wheats by Trader Joe's, Honey Nut Cheerios, Fiber One Honey Clusters, Kashi Go Lean, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Wheaties, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, Wheat Chex, Post Bran Flakes and hot oatmeal.

YS: Yummy Pizza

Friday, November 25

Gift Ideas for Her

Wanna have idea what to give to your girl friends, wife or sister this upcoming Christmas?

Here's some:

Trademark Global Purse Organizer - Never Dig Through Or Dump Your Purse Again

 Barnes and Noble Nook 2 GB Wi-Fi White E-Reader

Honey Can Do Over The Door Shoe Organizer/storage Rack, Green/blue/brown

 Majesco Zumba Fitness (Xbox 360 Kinect)

 HoMedics Bubble Bliss Foot Spa With Heat, 1 Ea

Wednesday, November 23

Gifts Idea for your Man

Having a hard time thinking what to give to your man this holiday season?

Then why not consider one of these;

Sony Tablet S 32 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Smartphone - Sprint

Monster Cable Beats By Dr. Dre Solo HD Headphones - Red

Activision Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Nintendo 3DS Red Portable Console (3DS)

Apple Magic Wireless TouchPad

Logitech G9x Laser Mouse Pointing Device

Microsoft Xbox 360 Gears Of War 3 Limited Edition 320 

Tuesday, November 22

Colorful Kitchen Tools, Bright Accessories and Fun Appliances

Excited to have my own kitchen someday, I was inspired to look over countless kitchen tools and accessories that maybe I would like to have too.

Nothing is wrong, its free to wish  for what we want and its a bonus when it really happens. :)

Serving Utensils
Retro servers with coated handles are inspired by vintage tools. 35$ each.

A retro 1950s style fridge. $1,999 SMEG

Powerstone dinner plate in Tamarind Yellow, $20 each

Place Mat

Creamer and Sugar
Mormor Sugar Bowl and Milk Jug, $23 and $26

Kitchen Timer
Pie Kitchen Timer, $14

Transat five-piece place setting, $85

Cake Server
A streamlined way to serve dessert — just press down, squeeze gently, lift and move to the plate with one easy tool. $19.

Dot Bowl, $59

You can customize size, burner configuration, and more. Range, $5,988

 Circus Flowers Crush Mug, $9

What can you say? Pretty, aren't they?

Monday, November 21

Top Kitchen Essentials

Pairing knife 
Why you need it: When you need more dexterity and precision than a chef's knife can provide  — such as when you're peeling and coring apples, coring tomatoes, deveining shrimp, or removing patches of fat from a roast. 
What to look for: The blade should be flexible for easy maneuvering in tight spots (such as tomato cores) or for handling curves (when peeling apples). 

Large skillet Why you need it: A must when cooking steaks, chops, and cutlets. Good for vegetables, too. The most important pan in your kitchen. 
What to look for: For maximum browning (and maximum flavor), you want stainless steel with an aluminum core (known as a clad pan) or an aluminum disk — both improve heat distribution. Look for a pan with flared sides, which speed evaporation and keeps food from steaming in their own juices. Should have heavy bottom and handle that can under the broiler or in the oven. 

Small cast-iron skillet Why you need it: For delicate jobs, like frying an egg or cooking fish, or small jobs, like searing a single steak. 
What to look for: You could buy a nonstick skillet and be prepared to replace it every few years as the coating wears off, but a pre-seasoned cast-iron pan does just as well and will last a lifetime. In the old days, you needed to season cast-iron pans yourself — a messy process that involves rubbing the pan with oil and heating and cooling it several times. Now, many manufacturers are doing the seasoning for you. 

Saucepan Why you need it: It's for more than just sauces and gravies. Use this pot to cook rice, boil vegetables, or make a small batch of soup. 
What to look for: We like easy-to-clean, nonreactive stainless steel and find that 3 to 4 quarts is the best size. Make sure to buy a pan with an aluminum core or disk (which improves heat distribution). Look for a pan with a long handle that allows you to lift the pot — even when it's full. 

Large soup/pasta pot Why you need it: How else are you going to boil a pound of pasta, cook corn on the cob, or make a big batch of chili. 
What to look for: Stainless steel is easy to clean and as long as the pot comes with aluminum core it will distribute heat evenly. Make sure handles tilt upward so they sit well in your hand when you go to pour out the contents. And make sure to buy a pot with a lid — many soup pots are sold without one. 

Jellyroll pan Why you need it: This one pan can be used to roast potatoes or a whole chicken or bake a batch of cookies or biscuits. 
What to look for: A bigger pan (preferably one 18 by 13 inches and at least 1 inch deep) is the most versatile size. Avoid nonstick surfaces — they cause cookies to overbrown and can't be used with roasting racks. A heavy-gauge, light-colored aluminum pan is your best bet. 

Cutting board 
Why you need it: You can't cut on your countertop! 
What to look for: We like plastic because you can throw the dirty board in the dishwasher. Easy to sanitize and remove odors, such as onion and garlic. Although you can pick up good boards almost anywhere, we really like the counter-gripping feet on a nonskid cutting board. Choose the largest board that will fit in your dishwasher .

Other items
  • Measuring cups (liquid and dry)
  • Heatproof rubber spatula (better then wooden spoons)
  • Instant-read thermometer (a must-have for anyone who cooks a lot of meat or chicken).

My Hotdog Recipe

I have neglected this blog I know. Its just that I  have no food photos taken for the entire time I have been away.

I missed joining memes and I'm beginning to revive my so called *desire* to be a good cook.

Anyway, a while ago when supper is near approaching and as it happens all the time, I've been thinking what to cook for my little lady. Especially when I still have not replenish the fridge for new food stocks. There comes the problem, cooking a food out of what's only in the fridge.

A little resourcefulness and creativity, that's what it takes to come up something you can call your own recipe. teehee!

Like the hotdogs I saw in the fridge and it was there like ages already. For a change, I sauteed it in butter with onions and added a little amount of ketchup then sprinkled a bit of Magic Sarap.


I guess putting some green leaves (condiments??) here and there makes it even more delish and attractive.

Saturday, November 19

Loot of the Month

I'm taking it back when I said on my previous post I haven't gone shopping this month. lol 
I saw these photos and I suddenly remember I went to the mall first week of this month.


What I looted at that time were these two pairs of Barbie shoes for my little lady.

I was fortunate to be in the mall during their SALE. So yeah, I grabbed the opportunity to purchased them.

I bought them for only 200Php each, the original price was between 500-600Php.

It was a great buy and I saved a lot.

And good thing I bought the right size because Sasha's in the city at that time.


I really love SALE :)

Thursday, November 17

Looking for Kid's Outfit

I haven't done any shopping lately. lol

Well, I wish me and my tot would do a Christmas shopping. (crossing fingers)

Anywaay, a couple of weeks ago or last month when I was in the mall, I've taken photos of these:

I've been thinking to buy these for Sasha's Christmas party.

Something lady-like, watcha think?