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Thursday, October 14

Yummy Silvanas and Sambos

The moment I saw these two inviting yummy silvanas and sambos, I was salivating and the next thing I knew, I'm paying at the cashier already for a box of it[6pcs/box]. You can buy it mixed or only silvanas or sambos from Brownies Unlimited.This fist-sized roll of sweet treat is definitely a must try to everyone who loves sweets. Only P150/box or P27/pc and P52 for two pcs.

 And if I may  add, a definitely great gifts for Christmas as well.

Beso Beso

Just how I love visiting this boutique because it's colorful and affordable. You can find cheap items which is good and comparable to branded clothes.

What's this, a romper? Which is best?
I bought the first one.

Crocs for Kids

I want this for Sasha...

Dora Kids Cay[Php1850]

RALLY KIDS[Php2350 sale]

They are cute....


I am searching for the latest products from Crocs hoping that I'll fell in love at least to one pair. Yes, only ONE pair and yet it's too pricey. My first pair of Crocs was purchased last two years ago and it doesn't look too worn out. And that's what I love about it, in fact I'm still keeping it and no way shall I dispose it. lol


I like the second pair but it's too high. I'm sure I can't manage to walk right wearing that. lol I haven't tried any of that kind ever. I am considering that, let's see...