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Wednesday, June 15

How to Spiral Curl Hair

To tell you, hubby once told or dared me to have curly hair. I curled my hair once but that was in my younger years, so I cared less how I appear then. But now? My answer is NO, as in no way! I know it wont fit me well, I just know it anyway.

In fairness, I adore those who has curly locks like my daughter.

Uhmm... Maybe I will give consideration, for occasions sake. Sometimes I thought of curling my hair when I have to attend my friend's wedding. Well, just a thought!

Here's my hair when my sister played it.

I didn't bother to face the camera hahaha!

So how to do a spiral curling hair?

Using Curling Iron
  • First of all comb the hair thoroughly so that you remove any tangles. Then tie some of the hair in ponytail and leave the rest loose.
  • Take a small strip of loose hair and starting from the very bottom, twist the curling iron from the hair firmly. Hold the curler for ten seconds. If the hair doesn’t curl after ten seconds then use the curler again.
  • Turn the curler vertically, loosen the hair and then remove the curler, taking care to remove it vertically. In the same fashion curl all the loose hair. Make sure that you finish all the curls at the bottom of the hair.
  • Lightly spray the curly hair with hairspray. Shake the curls and leave it for 30 seconds. Then put the curls in a loose ponytail.
  • Now, loosen the uncurled hair from the ponytail. Brush and curl them as you have curled the rest. Apply hair spray on them and shake the hair.
  • Then shake the curls by flipping the hair upside-down while spraying the hairspray lightly. Your spiral curl hairstyle is ready.
Using Hot Rollers
  • Separate the hair into top and bottom section. Tie the top section of the hair with a hair clip.
  • Set the rollers to heat. After the rollers have heated, in one hand take an inch section of hair. With the other hand, put a hot roller under the strip of hair and wrap the ends of the hair around the roller. Roll the roller with the hair towards the scalp. Secure the roller with a clip.
  • Similarly, fix rollers in the entire bottom section of the hair. Release the top section of the hair and put them in rollers as you have done with the bottom section.
  • Keep all the rollers for twenty minutes and then take them out one by one. Now, wrap each curl around your index finger and pull it down. This will make the curl spiral. Once you get the desired look, use a hairspray to fix the spiral curls. After all the hair has been spiral curled, use a hairspray once again.

That's a load of work, eh?

Tips for a Wonderful Colored Nails

How often do you go to beauty salon for a manicure and pedicure? Or do you do it by yourself instead? At least once a month I got my nails done by an expert so that leaves me to do it most of the time.

So how do we get well-polished nails even at home?

  • For the flawless French Manicure, use a white nail pencil to line the nail tip from beneath for that pure white clean look instead of white nail polish.
  • Do not forget to a weekly hand massage to pamper yourself, increase your circulation and enhance nail growth.
  • To make the chip-resistant nail enamels last longer, submerge your freshly painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water for 30 seconds.
  • While running for the car, you will just need five seconds to put a wide stripe of a quick-drying nail varnish down the center and you are ready to go!
  • If your nail polish has chipped to an extent that touchups are of no use, better use the remover rather than trying to hide it under a coat of nail paint that makes the texture of your nails took uneven.
  • You may sometimes even get away with cleaning the nails underneath, rubbing on the buffing cream and use chamois buffer for the healthy shine.
  • Remember never to file the corner of your nails as it weakens them amd make them brittle.
  • Get fashionable and funky by doing your nails in a solid color and allowing them to dry. Then use a toothpick to make a diagonal line across your nails in a different color. More skilled artists can go for more complicated patterns of their own.
  • For club night outs or hot dates, try metallic glints; nail piercing, nail tattoos and embellishments. If your nails are not as long as you desire, you can opt for fake nails too.
  • A hasty French manicure look can be achieved by using a neutral shade as the base paint and the white shade on the tips of your nails.
  • For shimmer and glitter, use a coat of clear gloss or sparkle on your dried nail polish. Silver glitter looks best on dark blue and black shades while gold glitter goes well with red shade. They are the best choices for bridal look or on weddings of near and dear ones and formal wear.

OK, I hope I can remember all of it or better yet print it as a note. LOL Or maybe, I will just ask some help, *grin*

Marty's Cracklin'

I'm a chicharon lover. But I give it up when Marty's Cracklin' comes my way. Now that I can have a vegetarian chicharon, it is better and healthier than the one full of cholesterol. I just love its salt and vinegar flavor and it is also available in plain if I am right.