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Wednesday, January 11

Love It!

Yummy :)

I went to town but not in the market. So when cooking time for lunch came, mom asked me what to cook. I asked her back what's in the fridge/ref, then she told me there are veggies left and adobo leftover from yesterday. I told her to cook out of what's available.

So she cooked this....

Its like a chopsuey only it was made of beans, cauliflower, broccoli and the leftover pork.

Thanks mom for the delicious meal :)

PIN IT Tuesday | 1

I love Pinterest, don't you?

Now I'm in love with this nail art.

This is all true!

I want to eat one right now :)

And this pair of mug, I so love!

I think I want to have this. Haven't bought a flip flops for ages now.

Crazy About My Baybah

What I Love Wednesday | 1

Its time again for What I Love Wednesday! If you want to join us, just click the button below this post.

Early this morning I went to school to get the progress report of my daughter. I went alone, because its card day, there's no classes. 

As usual when moments like this, I couldn't think sanely or feel relaxed. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Last card day, I felt the same. But later on, I only feel joy and pride for my daughter.

Who wouldn't when you finally see her report card?

She did well again this time, better than the first. Oh, what a sweet reward for us parents!

And because of that, here's for my one and only....

Wordless Wednesday | 1

NapTime MomTog

Dream Big

Dreams are free.

So I am dreaming for a kitchen like this... :)