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Saturday, January 14

A Rare Beauty

I don't know the name of this orchid. Been seeing this and other orchids too which has a combination of colors.  I am always fascinated by them because I frequently asked myself, how come? Such a great creation of God.

Life and then Som

SWS : 2

SSS 2 | 1

Just about to enter the cave...

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Scenic Sunday | 1

Scenic Sunday

Mommy I Want Sinigang!

My daughter loves to eat viand with soup. She's a picky eater then and wouldn't want to eat such food. So I was surprised that her food preferences has changed again this time. She's OK with slurping the soup then eat her rice, she's more satisfied with that.

It was last two days ago when she requested for a pork sinigang.


3/4 kilo pork, cut into cubes
1 medium onion
bunch of string beans or winged beans if you want
bunch of pechay leaves or kangkong leaves its up to you
bunch of okra and you may add eggplant and fresh tomatoes too
taro root
salt and pepper to taste
tamarind soup base


Boil the pork with water until tender. Season with a bit of salt and pepper
Add in the onions, tomatoes and taro roots. Let it boil for minutes.
Then add in the rest of the vegetables until half done.
Add in the tamarind soup base last to avoid getting the veggies hard.

Serve and enjoy!