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Thursday, December 2

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Preventing Stretch Marks

One of the obvious problems of being a woman or some men , especially for those who are pregnant or who gave birth already like me, is stretch marks. Those visible root-like planted on the skin, mostly below the tummy,back of the knee and arms are some of the areas greatly affected by stretch marks. It is a result of tearing of the skin when it is stretched beyond its limit. It happens under the skin as collagen deposits tears apart.

Who usually gets them? And how to prevent stretch marks? Read on...

Who Gets Them
Not everyone has to worry about stretch marks. They are more common in fair-skinned women, and there is also a genetic disposition towards them. If the women in your family have all had them, then you should start thinking about preventing them. Weight gain, dry skin and poor nutrition all affect the skin's ability to stretch. If you are carrying more than one baby or your baby is large, then you may also be prone to stretch marks.
Creams May Help
There are several methods that help to slow or prevent stretch marks. Since they result from dry skin, it's a good idea to keep your skin moisturized. This is especially important during the first three months of pregnancy. Use moisturizer liberally during this period and be sure to get an oil or cream that's specially formulated for preventing stretch marks. These products contain substances such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, cocoa butter, lanolin or wheat-germ oil which nourish the skin and help to keep it supple. Increasing the circulation to your skin can also help. The way to do that is to massage your skin with a body brush or a washcloth.
Diet Is Vital
A healthy diet is important if you are trying to ward off stretch marks. Good nutrition is important for your baby and for the condition of your skin. Eating the right fruits and vegetables will help your skin cope better with stretching and will help you recover more quickly after you have given birth. Foods containing zinc, silica, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are very important, as are leafy green vegetables such as spinach. Drinking plenty of water will also help.
Watch Your Weight
One way to escape unsightly stretch marks is to limit the amount of weight you gain during pregnancy. Don't diet, but forget about eating for two and follow sensible eating guidelines instead.
Nutrition, moisturizers and watching your weight are all proven methods of preventing stretch marks, but they don't work for everyone. If you get stretch marks anyway, then you need to focus on keeping them from remaining unsightly. Some ointments may be applied to the affected areas after giving birth, stopping them from developing when the skin shrinks. These are not always safe for use while breastfeeding, as they may affect your milk and your baby's nutrition.
Removing Stretch Marks
A popular method of removing stretch marks is to use laser treatments to repair the collagen under the skin. This is a quick process and it doesn't take long to recover. Some people who have unsightly stretch marks or scarring use cosmetic surgery to get rid of them, though this is expensive.
For some, stretch marks are an unfortunate, unpleasant fact and, in most cases, they are permanent. However, stretch marks do fade over time and will eventually blend with your skin. An eye towards prevention may help to reduce the problem.[source]
I guess I have to live with it forever, if surgery is that expensive. lol