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Tuesday, January 24

Not so Good Tuesday

Something bad happened earlier this day.

Well, my lunatic Uncle (err I don't even want to call him Uncle anymore) created a terrible scene right after we left for school. I only have known it upon arrival from school when Mom told me what transpired. Mom has been calling me on  my other number but too bad I left it at home. She said this mad greedy creature (sorry for the terms) started to throw things (whatever he sees around him) around. The chickens of my dad and anything! Then because he's mute and deaf, he talked (but only sound there is to be heard) furiously at Mom who at that time doing household chores.

Money. That's the root of it. He's the kind who gets mad and crazy when he runs out of money to spend. He doesn't work nor helping my grandfather at the farm to be able to obtain money. Blame it to whoever spoiled him that's why he became like that, ever thirsty of money but too lazy to work for it.


What Mom did was called the police and they went to the police station to formally file a complaint against him. Everybody in the family (even his dad and other siblings) wants him in jail if possible. But the police told them to wait and see if he do it again, and if he does its the time they will put him to jail.

All of us are scared and I know we couldn't sleep soundly. He is the kind who can really kill someone. There are several similar instances before that's why we all wish him bad luck.

Bad as it may sound, but people like him do not deserve to be living anymore. Of all good people who are dying, why not him who is so bad?

God, forgive for saying these things.