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Monday, January 16

K-12 Educational Program

I tell you, I scarcely watch tv or read the tabloid. And when I stumble on this article about the K-12  Educational Program, sounds like a dog to me. teehee! But seriously, maybe you will say, why not watch some news so I'd be educated because I appear like I don't know anything at all. Hahaha! But I just DON'T like to watch. Period.

SO yeah, what's this all about then?

The article says K+12 stands for Kinder plus 12 years. And the aim for this program is to fully prepare every students to be more ready and suitable for current needs of today's industries.

The program will necessitate kindergarten, six years of grade school, four years of junior high school (grades 7 to 10), and two years of senior high school (grades 11 to 12).

DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro said, “In 2012, we will begin using the new curriculum for Grade 1 and Grade 7. The curriculum is almost complete for these two levels, and we will soon begin preparing our teachers.

The grade one pupils will be required to go to school for four hours while high school curriculum will be made more “interactive”; based on the “science of everyday life.

What is your say regarding this?

Personally, not bad at all. Because honestly, to uplift again the educational system, it also requires the government agencies concern to make a smart change with its program. And this is all for the future of the students. It's highly competitive now and we need to  walk side by side with it and not behind. Well of course, not all of us can really afford  this new program, but hoping that government will help those less fortunate pupils striving to get a good education. 


My 2012 Horoscope

What's your horoscope for this year?

Mine is here:

Year 2012 Overview

Although many have secretly been dreading the arrival of 2012, you've personally been looking forward to it. That's because karmic taskmaster Saturn has been doing a number on your life over the past two-plus years. Relationship lessons have been relentless throughout this time. If you haven't made important decisions about where to commit - and where to quit - these are your final months to do so. Don't wait another 30 years to get clear on what you truly want in your relationships. You'll be in the throes of Saturn's testing until October, when it moves into your neighboring sign, Scorpio. Consider this your final exam!
Jupiter will be in its fellow Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, making a magical aspect to your stars for a good portion of 2012. Jupiter's lucky presence in your sector of sexuality, transformation and other people's money brings every material and emotional resource you could ever want or need. You'll have no problem attracting the proper support to fund your current or future projects. This is also the year for coming into your true power by transforming all the dead weight of your past. Change looks good on you, Libra. You've been shedding layers of karma, and now you're about to reap the wonders of renewal.
World travel beckons in 2012, so pack your bags! The spring-summer eclipse patterns activate your travel sector in May and June, and Venus is in your travel sector between April and August. During the retrograde phase in May and June, you may want to be lay low or avoid more intricate itineraries. Mars will be spending the entire first half of the year in your sector of sleep, unconscious processes and dreams. This could create some inner turbulence (if not all-out insomnia) if you don't give yourself enough expressive and physical outlets. As always, it's about finding balance, Libra.

Year 2012 Romantic

Uranus, the planet of unexpected surprise, continues to play tricks on your relationship sector in 2012. The method to all this madness is to persuade you to think outside the box about dating, mating and relating. Co-dependence is set to become a thing of the past for you, as the planets insist you find your inner warrior and forge ahead on a new path of individuality and freedom. This doesn't mean you have to be alone, nor will you; in fact, this could be one of the most rewarding relationship cycles of your entire life, if you play your cards right. With Saturn continuing to exert its grave, but wise influence over your chart until October, relationships are nothing to take lightly. No more flirting just to see if you're liked. If you're in it, you've got to back up all your subtle innuendo with substance!
You can expect to forge a better sense of grounding in who you really are, which can only translate into more passionate relationships. With Saturn helping improve your integrity over the past few years, you have a clear sense of self and boundaries. It's finally become easier for you to say no without worrying so much about disappointing others. This allows for more authentic relationships and romance to enter your life. And when Saturn leaves your chart in October, you'll be ready to apply all the powerful relationship lessons you've learned over the past two-and-a-half years.
Love may be blind, but you're thankfully about to have one of its veils lifted after February. Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, leaves your romance sector after haunting you for several years. Instead of projecting your ideal onto lovers, you'll be more inclined to look for a partner who is your equal. Fancy that!

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