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Sunday, January 15

Project 366 | Week 2

Start of another week at school. We're a tad late because we woke up past 6 already and Sasha's supposed to be at school before seven.  It was a tiring day for her because as soon as she's done with her lunch, she went to bed and taadddaaahhh!! Sleeping with her stuffs and legs opened-wide. That's how she sleep plus the snore. hehehe! She got that from her Daddy.

After napping, my  kiddo would always visit my little niece, her only cousin as of now. She's turning two this year if I'm not mistaken. My daughter's only companion and playmate except when my little Aunt is here for vacation. They would play at the vacant lot beside the house or sometimes at her cousin's house or here.

I went to  town market which is just near at school to buy some foods and things needed in the house. And I saw green mangoes which I love the first time this year. So yes, I bought a kilo plus this shrimp paste. Voila!
Satisfied tummy :)

In the afternoon, I went at the back of the house to check if I can find something worth-capturing. And yes, I saw our dog sitting and staring somewhere. So I took a snapshots of her. Mom said, she's pregnant again for the third time.

We don't have classes. And because it's Friday the 13th we did not dare go out. You know what it could bring, according to superstitions. And so my little girl here did photo session. This one she said, she's going to show a sad face. Which she exactly did.

Yesterday,after my chores outside, I saw this chicken feather on the ground. And because I'm too eager to take pictures of different objects, I tried some shots with it. I guess this one was the best among the many shots of I took. :)

I went to Baguio City-the summer capital of our country to accompany my brother for their seminar at school. Mom doesn't want to go so she obliged me as her substitute. So what can I do but to wake up so early because I need to be there before 8 on the dot. And I was there very early. The weather was cold and good thing I anticipated it  that's why I brought a cardigan that kept me warm. While waiting for my brother, I decided to eat at McDo. I'm not really a coffee drinker, but because its chilly, I ordered longganisa with rice plus coffee to keep me at ease with the weather.

This was at Burnham Park where tourists and local travelers can enjoy riding a boat.

What a week it has been...
How about you?

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