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Sunday, January 8

2012 Planner

The Moonleaf 2012 Planner
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Design your Life 2012 Planner
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Ecothings Green Book Planner
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Project 366 | Week One

Naptime Momtog

I am excited to join Project 366 this year. I wasn't able to join last year because I was so behind already that's why I decided to wait for this year's round.

So what are we waiting for, let's get it on!

For this week's prompt is: Fresh Start.

I got here sunset. I have no sunrise photo. As the sun sets, all that happened at a certain point in a day should stay there. We shouldn't bring it again for the coming day or days to come. Because as the sun ascend, it promises a new start and beginning...

We spent the new year just the three of us plus my kiddo. Dad passed away last September and my sister is working abroad already. We're not complete but we're still happy though. Life must go on, though sometimes its so heartbreaking to remember those times when we are still together.

I went to my college university to get my school records. Then after, I also headed to my hubby's school to get his records as well. It was wonderful going back to where I spent four years of my life. Memories flashed back.

On my way home, I brought with me my book. I realized I have plenty of books to read yet. And this is one of them. I bought this maybe last early last year and I wasn't able to read it. Hope to finished this soon.

This has been the scenario when I entered the house after washing our clothes. I thought I am all done with my chores, but this mess pushed me to clean the house once more..

And this young lady here knows already how to put  hairband and pony tail alone. She's growing independently now....

And finally I got my tot's passport already...

Sorry about the quality of my other photos, it was only taken using my camera phone....

Anyway, how was your week?

                           MellowYellowBadge Smiling Sally Ruby Tuesday 2

Purple Christmas Tree

This was taken at Manila Ocean Park last December.

Imagine how I took this photos. I really had the hard time capturing it whole :))

Life and then Som