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Friday, June 10

Tips to Avoid Wrinkles and Aging Skin

I am not endowed with beautiful skin. I don't even know which category it belongs. :)) At my age, wrinkles are typical, exception goes of course to women who has more than enough money to maintain such beautiful skin. On my part, I just have to rely what's available and suits my budget. But the big problem is, oftentimes I get lazy to even do my beauty ritual everyday. Maybe I should blame myself for not taking care of my skin in the first place. I have been in and out of facial center but not in regular basis. The obvious reason-- budget.

Anyway, how can someone avoid wrinkles from showing on the face unnoticeable?

I got these tips from Andrew Jacono at RealSelf.

I suggest that my patients take a proactive approach to the appearance of their skin from an early age. We should all be exfoliating and moisturizing our skin on a daily basis.
1) I recommend microdermabrasion treatment, or an Alpha Hydroxy acid (such as glycolic or lactic acid) to remove dead layers of the skin. Both are available over the counter. Interestingly men exfoliate their facial skin each day when they shave, so they have this advantage.
2) Moisturizing the skin from youth will help prevent wrinkles from forming prematurely. The use ofRetin-A is also crucial as it helps the body maintain its collagen layers as we age, long before the visible signs of aging set in. In fact, it is the only such treatment that can do so.
3) Botox is also one of the best preventative treatments for aging. When we flex the muscles of the face the skin folds. Over time this will etch the skin surface, causing wrinkles. I have many patients who start preventative Botox treatments in their twenties.

I guess I have to rely on using OTC products.