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Sunday, January 29

Project 366 | Week 4

No classes. So another mundane day. Well, what a great day to make faces in front of the camera. See?

I always bring my cross stitch stuffs at school, so I can finished at least some while waiting for my daughter.That's 3 hours of work and then I will resume it at home when I'm already free from household chores.

It has been a long time I took a photo of us together. Zits are popping out, its unbearable to see :( 
* Thurs* Its their school's foundation day. They wore their P.E uniform. Went to church for thanksgiving then celebrated family  day after. It was all fun!

After their science fair at school, my in-laws fetched my daughter to attend a wedding. I didn't go, I still have parent duties at school in the afternoon. Glad MIL took photos of my kiddo. She enjoyed swimming with her cousins.

The wedding day! Too bad she wasn't one of the flower girls. They forgot to include her. They let her wear the gown after the ceremony so to get a feel how was it like to be a flower girl. And, she enjoyed it!

The following day they went to Baguio City with the whole clan. Family bonding it was!

 For the closing photo;

a beautiful sunset which I took last month.

Another week passed,
 how was your week?

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