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Saturday, January 7

At Italianni's

Me and my Kumare dated last December at Italianni's in Glorietta. It's been several months already the last time we saw each other.

It's nice seeing friends especially during holiday season. We only became friends when they asked hubby to be their son's godfather. His husband was a former work/roommate of hubby and we began talking through Facebbok and YM. And the friendship blooms from there.

And our choice of food:

Tropicale for our pizza...

And Penne Arabiatta for our pasta..

It was a good choice, I love the pasta more because it was hot and it tasted so good. The kind of food I want to eat again and again. In fact, I looked for the recipe last time, been planning to cook it myself. :)

RFR: Unfair?

Sometimes I got pissed when joining memes. You know the scene when you religiously leave comments to all blogs participating then majority of them wouldn't visit yours back? Its like unfair. I mean you take time to visit  their blogs but they don't give much appreciation through visiting back. That sometimes, makes me lazy to join memes....

Pink Theme for Christmas

A pink theme for Christmas?

Not bad and the moment I saw this corner full of pink decors at Manila Ocean Park, I have thought of Pink Christmas next time.

Isn't it lovely?

And oh, this blog needs pampering. If its not too much to ask, would you mind following this too? I will appreciate it so much... Thank you!

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