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Tuesday, February 14

A Lazybones' Post

I'm such a slacker.


Just not in the mood to blog these days. But surely will be back on track pretty soon, I hope! lol

And how's your V-Day so far dollies?

Mine is pretty sweet though no date or celebration or whatsoever happened. Just had a sweet exchange of messages with hubby and that's more than enough for a couple that's so distant from each other. Will make up for it, and yeah, pretty pretty soon. I'm excited!

So sorry if I can't visit you back, but promise to make amends once I'm back seriously :)

Happy Valentines to all!

Sunday, February 12

Project 366 | Week 6

Hello everyone!
Another week passed.

It was a busy week for me and my tot. So I wasn't able to take photos that much. But I have here couple of pictures taken in between our busy days.

This is a toy inside an egg-shaped case and coated with chocolate. Husband bought it for her when he came home for vacation. But my daughter wasn't able to eat it, it was in the refrigerator for too long and it was expired already. So I just let her took the toy. She has few pieces of this but couldn't be found anymore, I dunno where she put them.

Summer is approaching and some of our plants and flowers are withering already.  Took this while looking after my kiddo playing with other kids. Too bad,I didn't took photos of them.

The day before my daughter's dance performance, she lost her front teeth. She got stumbled at school while playing and then it got pulled out when we arrived home. She freaked out, worried and even cried out loud. Poor little girl, afraid that her classmates will laugh at her when they found out about her teeth..:)

Friday was their big day! They performed a folk dance competing with other kids from different schools. It was a kiddie olympics and my daughter was chosen to be one of the dancers. I'm such a proud mommy! :) Though I don't know who won the contest, but nevertheless they did well. It's the experience and exposure I'm after to build her self-confidence and develop her dancing skills.

It was really a busy week because everyday they practice in preparation for that contest. And this weekend I spent ME time by going to skin clinic to get facial treatment....

How about you? How was your week?

Naptime Momtog
                   MellowYellowMondayBadgeSmiling Sally

Friday, February 10

10 Things God Wants You to Remember

Sasha in Kiddie Olympics

This is my latest happiness.

When Sasha dance this morning at Kiddie Olympics. Its their first to join a contest outside the school. Seeing her dancing like that brings so much joy to me.

Tuesday, February 7

Let's Face It

I'm the queen of all the laziest when it comes to applying beauty products on my face. I am only good at the beginning, when I am truly inspired or when I already realized how terrible my face is. lol  But yes, there are unused bottles and tubes anywhere here,  there are also bottles half full and mostly expired already.

Anyway, last Friday I decided to visit Let's Face It to have my face cleaned and my pimples treated. Zits are popping out and I don't look good anymore. They gave me these pimple treatment kit that cost me 1K + aside form the facial cleaning and the mask. A bit pricey as well as painful way to look beautiful!

No pain, no gain.

Oh well, hoping it will work.

Any suggestions regarding this? Thanks!

Let Go No Matter How You Love a Person

I could not contain my sadness hearing stories from friends or distant friends when they tell me about what's happening in their married lives. I am dealing with the same issues when someone trusted me their stories and that happens almost everyday. We were just talking at my kid's school earlier today with other parents about fidelity issues. My heart went to those women who remain faithful beyond words, who stand firm and take courage to face problems while doing their responsibility as a parent and a spouse.

I mustered the courage to ask one of them why still stay in that kind of relationship if it doesn't make them happy anymore. The usual reasons like concerning about their kids, the years they spent together and the like surfaces more than their own happiness. Isn't it admirable or what?

I could not speak for each of them, but I admire those women who decided to stay despite the hardship of being cheated on. They think about their kids above themselves no matter how painful it would be. Personal choices take place even though there are plenty of reasons to let go. Like being miserable is one of the many reasons to move on than staying.

Sometimes I don't understand why others opted to be in that relationship? Why stay if they are no longer happy? Even if they say because they love their spouses, how about loving themselves too? I guess its time to let go when they know they did everything for the marriage to work even though the other partner is not doing his/her part. What's the use?

If they both love each other, I guess there would be no any feelings of misery in both sides. So if one of them  feels that kind of negative emotion from the other, then maybe that other is not loving the best way. Because if he/she does, both of them will be happy even with those petty quarrels.

My marriage with my husband is not perfect, not even close to it. And I must admit shamelessly, there are times I am not happy. Well, maybe because we are apart. I know happiness can be found within oneself but admit it too, sometimes you need someone to make you fully happy as well.


Oh well, when other things are getting bad, some things are going good.

Got my blog checked and its PR1.

Its a good news, to think this blog was started just last month. Yeehheeeyyy!

But too bad my other new blog has no PR yet. But I'm sure pretty soon....

Still, I'm happy!

Sunday, February 5

Project 366 | Week 5

Hello everyone!
Another week passed, time flies so fast.

Anyway, our week was quite fine. Monday, I make sure (every time Sasha's gone to their classroom) to write down their classroom activities if my notebook is with me or I will just take a photo of their bulletin board when I feel lazy to write. Saves time too :)

Off for some errand. Took this photo when our ride stopped to fix the wheel. Some farmers were busy tending the field.

Aside form cross-stitching, other parents also making this paper craft at school. They are using recycled papers, magazines to form flower vases, flowers and swan-like figure. And I'm planning to do this after my cross stitch project.

I asked my SIL to buy me a planner but too bad the planner I want so much was no longer available. So she bought me this simple planner instead. Time for some planning and I don't know what to write! haha!

I went to skin clinic to have my face cleaned and treated. Bought this Ube Macapuno cake for my daughter. Its been a while I ate some cake. This is my favorite from Red Ribbon.

Its a date. Me and my daughter headed to the city to look for her costume. She will dance at Kiddie Olympics this coming Friday. She wore the headband given by her godmother. Looks serious, she wanted to go out fast and escape picture taking.

Time for some studying. Writing letters and numbers.

How about you? How was your week?

Naptime Momtog

Friday, February 3

My Joy

In few months time, you'll be five already. Sometimes, that thought makes me sad. You are growing up too fast and before we knew it, you'll be taller than me and prettier. (hehe) As much as I would like to hold and  carry you in my arms like I used to when you were small, I could no longer do that the same way. But hey, I can still hug and carry you though not as just before. And the best part of it too is that we could cuddle each other well than when you were a little. You are so priceless. Grow up fast and make Mommy proud.

Thursday, February 2

Pills that Help Fight Acne

Acne is one of the common skin problems among us during adolescent and adult years. There are about several products which claim to heal acne like topical cream that contains benzyl peroxide. But did you know that the most effective way to heal acne is by taking contraceptive pills? FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved various types of birth control pills that can be prescribed to fight acne.

Yaz, Estrotep and Ortho Try-Cyclen are the three types of birth control approved by FDA. These are made up of  mostly estrogen and progestin and work to lower the levels of androgen in the body which result later to decrease amount of sebum or oil that is known to be the source of acne breakouts.

Pills are taken for 21 consecutive days followed by two days of placebo pills which trigger monthly period or menstruation. It should be taken at the same time everyday. If forgotten however, you must take two pills on the following day at the same time.

Other benefits of taking birth control pills are it fight signs of aging and  improve elasticity in the skin thus making the skin resistant to wrinkles. But common side effects of taking pills are weight gain, breast tenderness,  breakthrough bleeding, nausea and moodiness. And some serious but rare effects are migraine, headaches, blood clots, depression, hypertension and stroke.

Sunday, January 29

Project 366 | Week 4

No classes. So another mundane day. Well, what a great day to make faces in front of the camera. See?

I always bring my cross stitch stuffs at school, so I can finished at least some while waiting for my daughter.That's 3 hours of work and then I will resume it at home when I'm already free from household chores.

It has been a long time I took a photo of us together. Zits are popping out, its unbearable to see :( 
* Thurs* Its their school's foundation day. They wore their P.E uniform. Went to church for thanksgiving then celebrated family  day after. It was all fun!

After their science fair at school, my in-laws fetched my daughter to attend a wedding. I didn't go, I still have parent duties at school in the afternoon. Glad MIL took photos of my kiddo. She enjoyed swimming with her cousins.

The wedding day! Too bad she wasn't one of the flower girls. They forgot to include her. They let her wear the gown after the ceremony so to get a feel how was it like to be a flower girl. And, she enjoyed it!

The following day they went to Baguio City with the whole clan. Family bonding it was!

 For the closing photo;

a beautiful sunset which I took last month.

Another week passed,
 how was your week?

Naptime Momtog
                            Smiling SallyMellowYellowMondayBadge

Saturday, January 28

My Semi-Chaotic World

Or mind perhaps.

It has been a busy week for us in the school. The school held its 9th Foundation Day last Thursday and we also celebrated family day after we went to the church for thanksgiving. We ate there during lunch and played several games too. It was fun!

Then yesterday was their Science fair where kids enjoyed games again and some other stuffs. The raffle draw was held in the afternoon. Oh, boy! Don't have any luck at all. I bought all the tickets but it wasn't my day!

Anyway, I feel sleepy the entire day. I took a nap after I ate lunch and woke up after an hour of sleep. I fell asleep while waiting hubby's message. Then I did some cross stitching with my new pattern.

Tot was not here. I'm missing her. There's no one that keeps me busy the whole day.

That's why maybe I feel uninspired or lacking motivation but I cleaned our room a little to be a tad productive this day.

But still....

There's a lot going on in my mind. Too much to even write it here.


Friday, January 27



Drinking HappyLemon with a friend. I super love this milk tea. My first time to try it and I like it very much. And yes, real happiness is when having a long talk with this healthy drink!

Tuesday, January 24

Not so Good Tuesday

Something bad happened earlier this day.

Well, my lunatic Uncle (err I don't even want to call him Uncle anymore) created a terrible scene right after we left for school. I only have known it upon arrival from school when Mom told me what transpired. Mom has been calling me on  my other number but too bad I left it at home. She said this mad greedy creature (sorry for the terms) started to throw things (whatever he sees around him) around. The chickens of my dad and anything! Then because he's mute and deaf, he talked (but only sound there is to be heard) furiously at Mom who at that time doing household chores.

Money. That's the root of it. He's the kind who gets mad and crazy when he runs out of money to spend. He doesn't work nor helping my grandfather at the farm to be able to obtain money. Blame it to whoever spoiled him that's why he became like that, ever thirsty of money but too lazy to work for it.


What Mom did was called the police and they went to the police station to formally file a complaint against him. Everybody in the family (even his dad and other siblings) wants him in jail if possible. But the police told them to wait and see if he do it again, and if he does its the time they will put him to jail.

All of us are scared and I know we couldn't sleep soundly. He is the kind who can really kill someone. There are several similar instances before that's why we all wish him bad luck.

Bad as it may sound, but people like him do not deserve to be living anymore. Of all good people who are dying, why not him who is so bad?

God, forgive for saying these things.

Monday, January 23

Almost Done

I am almost done with my first set of project in cross stitching. I made a pair of Wednesday Tulips, I have thought if it is only one, it wouldn't be nice to look at. This is not big nor too small, I just forgot to make the  cloth more bigger so the flowers will look bigger too. 

But anyways, tomorrow it will all be finished. I ran out of DMC that's why I couldn't finish them tonight. Then maybe will bring them to the frameshop also tomorrow.

Sunday, January 22

Project 366 | Week 3


I let my kiddo to bath herself before going to school. It is always a good start to freshen up, though I'm rushing her because we're going to be late. And it's not a good practice.


This little lady here dress up for no reasons at all. She said she wanted to look pretty "always". So yeah, you are pretty my dear whatever you wear! :)


My schedule to do the laundry. Mr. Sun shine brightly and its a good sign our clothes would be dry up quickly. Those pins need a replacement already, they get broken so easily.


She had fun riding her new bike given by Dad last Christmas.  Tongue out again, she inherited that habit from her Dad. :)


She got hungry after her nap. Made a sandwich and this little lady munched it with gusto.


Time to do some healthy drink this time. Bought half a kilo of strawberries then made a smoothie. What a delicious fruit shake it was, I will make sure to do this again soon.


Photo session again with my kiddo. She's witty enough to project on her own.

It was a great week for us.

How about you?

Naptime Momtog
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