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Friday, January 27


Drinking HappyLemon with a friend. I super love this milk tea. My first time to try it and I like it very much. And yes, real happiness is when having a long talk with this healthy drink!


  1. I'd like to taste that too! Parang ang sarap sarap. And that's true having a long talk over drinking or eating good food and drink.

    Come see my happiness too!

  2. hala! baket kaya hindi ko pa yan natitikman!! amp...

    >> tama!! nothing beats the comfort of a long conversation tapos kain din to the max.. haha :)

    >> dumalaw mula sa happiness is....

  3. Mukhang masarap nga yan, Vhen! Pahingi naman!

  4. I'd like to share your happiness, sis! Where can I buy that HappyLemon? Visiting back! I'm your new FB liker and GFC follower. Hope you can do the same. Thanks!

  5. awwww! milk tea and bubble tea makes me happy, too! haven't had for quite a while now, so i have to get my fix soon :)

    thanks for linking up to Happiness Is. see you again next week for another round of happy posts :)

  6. Yummy kaso nilalamig ako dito eh hahaha.

    Visiting from Happiness is, here's My entry, you might want to link up this post to my meme.

  7. that's really refreshing.visiting from:

  8. yum yum. I wish i can try that too. :) penge nman

  9. talking out is a form of therapy pag naiistress what more pa kaya kung it's a long talk over a happylemon..nakakagaan ng feeling and of course..nakaka feel HAPPY..

    Visiting back from happiness is..

  10. never try that drink Sis but looks refreshing to me :-)Visiting from Happines is...hope that you cab return the visit too.

  11. i'd try this drink too, hindi ko pa ito na try eh, late visit for Happiness is meme, i hope to see you at


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