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Tuesday, October 26

Spring 2011 Beauty Trend

Green eyeshadow!

Lovely, right? I don't know much about make ups but I do know how to appreciate.

Go for Wine Lips

Aren't you envious of their gorgeous lips? Because I am.

wine lips

Effects of Nail Polish

Actually my nail polish stay more than the necessary time and they said that keeping it for quite some time may result to yellowish brittle nail in the end. And honestly, mine is getting yellowish already. Anyway, so I search about the possible causes  and the effects of frequent usage of nail polish.

The effects of nail polish ingredients:


  • Toluene is used as a solvent in nail polish, meaning that it dissolves other chemicals to create a solution. It's a dangerous chemical that causes birth defects in animals, affects the central nervous system and is fatal if swallowed.

  • Formaldehyde

  • Formaldehyde is another solvent with a hefty health risk attached: It's a known carcinogen, which means that it causes cancer, no question. The fumes of formaldehyde are irritating to mucus membranes in the eyes, nose and throat.

  • Ethyl Acetate

  • Ethyl acetate evaporates from the nail, which causes the polish to dry and harden. This means that you're breathing in the fumes from the chemical as your manicure sets. This solvent can pass through the skin, and prolonged exposure to the fumes can lead to lung, heart, kidney, and liver damage.

  • Butyl Acetate

  • Butyl acetate is also a solvent used in nail polishes; it's toxic, and causes irritation to eyes, skin and lungs.

  • Dibutyl Phthalate

  • Phthalates are easily absorbed chemicals that keep nail polish chip-free. The European Union has banned them, but they're legal in the United States. They're linked to early puberty in girls, low sperm count in men, sexual deformities and problems with fetal development.

  • Phthalic Anhydride

  • Dibutyl phthalate is often replaced with phthalic anhydride, which isn't much better. This chemical is also a major health concern. It may be toxic to human immune and respiratory systems, and can cause cancer, organ damage, and membrane irritation.

  • [source]

    Monday, October 25

    Posh Nails

    Last time I cleaned my nails after a month long of no proper pedicure. I have been doing it to myself since we went here in the province. Not that there are no salon here to get my nails properly done but I am just too lazy and excuse myself busy for that.

    Pardon me for posting my ugly feet. Haha! See, my daughter got her nail colored too. I will sure visit a a nail salon such as Posh Nails when we get back to the city. I badly need foot spa too.


    I have been looking for some shoes online and I stumbled on this photos:

     Aren't they simple? For other designs and complete list of prices visit Suelas official site.

    Sunday, October 24

    Rainforest- Friendly BathTime Products

    Lush and The Body Shop  upholds to promote a beauty products that are environmental friendly. Starting to palm oil tree bars from Lush down to The Body Shop's Rainforest Hair Care.

    Going green is their beauty campaign.

    Jungle soap, P295, Lush

    Porrige, P245 fro 100g, Lush

    Summer Pudding, P275 for100g, Lush

    Rainforest Moisture,Radiance, Shine and Balance Shampoo, P695 each, The Body Shop

    Rainfores Radiance Detangling Spray, P750, The Body Shop

    Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter, P895, The Body Shop

    A bit hefty for a price, eh? But I guess it's nothing for saving mother earth.

    Friday, October 22

    Wishing for Aldo

    I have this little obsession with shoes, specifically those ballerina types or flats. I am most comfortable wearing it than those with very high heeled kind. Plus the obvious reason that I only stay at home, it's practical to invest on things that I can use reagularly.

    Aren't they fab? I wish to have one. I swear, if I got paid on clicking and I earned equal to the amount of any of these, I'm gonna buy one. Haha!

    Thursday, October 21

    Tender Beef Broccoli and Siomai

    So I went out just before lunch time and I just had a piece of tupig as breakfast. Imagine my stomach starving for a satisfying meal. I arrived at the supermarket past 12 noon, after I roamed around I decided to eat at ChowKing. It's been a while since the last time I eat there.

    I ordered Tender Beef Broccoli and Siomai, uhmm is it a nice combination? Try it for yourself. The beef broccoli looks too saucy although it taste good. I forgot to request the siomai to be fried, it's more yummy. But guess what? I have not gotten full of it. ^___^

    Promod Ballerinas

    Wednesday, October 20

    Wow Marc Jacobs

    I'm drooling over these Marc Jacobs bags, who doesn't right?