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Monday, October 31

Nike Shoes

I'm drooling...

They are ssooooo cute :)

Hubby said, why buy  a pair if I'm not into running/jogging...


Are these shoes solely for jogging my dear?

Besides, aside from I really want it, I realized that I wear flip flops like for ages. I want a CHANGE. :))
Its more comfortable when traveling, you know!

Anyway, which one is your bet?

Daddy puuhh-lease :)) 


Adobong Puso ng Saging

Kangkong in Oyster Sauce

Sasha's Food Adventure

Come lunch, the family feasted on their favorite foods at Dad's in Megamall.

It is such a great place to dine in when you are into different foods at one place.

This little lady here enjoyed herself a plateful of desserts.

Obviously, she has a sweet tooth. :)

After Megamall, they headed to Bonifacio Hight Street and had their snack at Krispy Kreme.

Oh yes dearie, that's my favorite.

What a burpful day for the family, I can imagine!

Sunday, October 23

Marvel Collection by Folded and Hung

Hubby sent a link and here's what it is....

He wants any of these shirts.

Which one is best?

Saturday, October 22

More on Shoes


I want to buy new shoes.

I think I need a pair.

I'm not a shoe person but thinking of the "future" whereabouts, its just imperative to own one.

Are they drool-worthy???