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Saturday, July 9

Cafe Picarre

Last two weeks ago I visited Baguio City particularly at DFA to get my new passport. It was actually scheduled few weeks back when I went there but due to other errands I wasn't able to get it on time. Good thing though, there's no penalty when you get it late. LOL

And after I went to Orchidarium for picturing taking, I went to the market then headed to SM for lunch.

Because I carried too much weight on my shoulder due to the vegetables I bought from the market I decided to just eat near the entrance if possible. And I walked past Cafe Picarre then back there again. I haven't tried there before so I settled myself in the place for a simple lunch.

You have to order at the counter, no table menu.

Wall decoration, brown and orange color filled the place.

Hehe! Of course that's me.:)

I love Sarsi with plenty of ice.

Pasta Olio Y Aglio

Pasta and garlic bread, such a perfect combination.

I paid 120Php for the meal. Such a treat, eh?
The food is yummy especially when you add some more spices to it like spicy sauce.

Yummy Ube Macapuno

Life and then Som

Frugal Find: Flowery Top

Another everyday wear to school.
Looted for only below 100php.

No, I'm not wearing my F21 if only at school. hehe!
That's why I'm buying cheap but nice clothes.

Life and then Som