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Thursday, January 12

I Heart Pastel

I first tasted this yummy Pastel when FIL brought boxes at home from somewhere. Delicious buns with yema filling. If I may say, yema is my newest addiction these days. Been eating it at school this morning and bought some to bring home which I ate this afternoon.

Anyhoo, I bought two boxes before going home here from our short vacation last Christmas in Makati.

See the filling? So delicious!


We Called it Bonding Time

My friend since college days and now became my Kumare, dragged me to Posh Nails the last time we've met. It has been ages the last time we bonded together. My other two friends aren't here in the country, so only the two of us.

Don't you love Posh Nails?
Because I'm  already loving it. I love their theme, combination of pink and lavender. So girly and so comfortable. Plus the service is quite good.

me doing a wacky, and my Kumare striked a sweet smile

happy feet!
Now you see how ugly my feet, haha! I got it colored green, for a change. Well,it was a bonding activity worth doing again...

Fashion Trends in 2012

Curious about what's going to be "in" this year? Talk about trends and fashion.

I am not a certified fashionista neither the fashion-ignorant type. Just at the middle. :) Being aware I guess, if not   a fashion follower of the season, is quite alright. Especially for those who has limited means and few collections resting in the closet that can be mix and match to come up for an outfit for now.

But anyhoo, let's see what's up for this year 2012.

Big prints

Tangerine and orange


Metallic basics


Short suits

Head here for the complete collections.


Well, who doesn't love to shop when red tags are all around to see in the mall? Yay! Then mall rats are expected to see splurging once again.

Here are some of the many shops on sale now.

Visit for the complete list of participating brands and shops.

Relik Tapas Bar at The Fort

Relik Tapas Bar 

2nd Floor Commercenter Building, 31st Ave corner 4th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel. No. (0917) 529-8333
Open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 5 p.m. onwards (Monday to Friday);
5 p.m. onwards (Saturday and Sunday)

Relik Tapas Bar sits on the second floor of a Bonifacio Global City high-rise and can be found by way of a flight of stairs or an elevator ride to the building’s parking lot. Outfitted in brick walls, a mix of benches and booth seats and antique pieces like typewriters and an old-school turntable, Relik fuses Old World charm with modern touches, including an open kitchen which gives customers a glimpse of how the kitchen churns out Relik’s tapas and entrees. “[The place] is very casual but we also wanted to give customers a bar with a high-end feel without the expensive price tag,” says Relik’s Patty Cortez.

Sausage and Fries, P230

Pepperade and Lardon Risotto, P350
A quick look at the menu with mainly Spanish Mediterranean dishes reveals a mix of the usual tapas plates with Relik’s signature dishes. Beer drinkers who like downing more than a bottle will like Relik’s Sausage and Fries (P230), their version of Huevos Rotos with fat potato wedges and spicy sausage slices, all topped with a fried egg with a runny yolk, while the Baked Austrian Brie (P530) pairs nicely with a glass of wine. Local beers start at P74 while Relik’s shooters (P140 each) play with mint and fruit flavors: drinks include the minty Green Demon while the Killer is for stronger, can’t-be-licked-by-liquor drinkers

I Heart

My frequent visit to Baguio wouldn't be complete without this.  I make sure to buy this with vegetables and fruits.

And some other sweets too...