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Thursday, January 12

I Heart Pastel

I first tasted this yummy Pastel when FIL brought boxes at home from somewhere. Delicious buns with yema filling. If I may say, yema is my newest addiction these days. Been eating it at school this morning and bought some to bring home which I ate this afternoon.

Anyhoo, I bought two boxes before going home here from our short vacation last Christmas in Makati.

See the filling? So delicious!



  1. ang sarap naman. parang muhlach enzaymada .I created a group for bloggers .if you want to join just go to the group page and "ask to join". thanks!/groups/filblogatw/

  2. ayyyyyy, gusto ko din nito! wish ko lang may nabibiling ganito dito sa'min :(

    visiting you for FF and FTF ^^

    see you around ;)

  3. Ohmy! I love pastel too. I can actually finish boxes of these stuff. Too bad they aren't available where I live. I have to wait for my friends to bring me boxes of it pa.

  4. I miss pastel! a famous delicacy from camiguin island!

  5. Perfect for people with a sweet tooth! Happy FTF! Here's my entry:

  6. honestly, I haven't taste that seems so yummy..

  7. I gained weight from eating too much sweets during the holiday :) I don't think I've tried pastel ever. You had me googling where I can buy this :) Shopwise and Rustan's! Visiting from FTF!

    The Twerp and I

  8. this is too sweet for me. but i usually pick one when someone brings some.

  9. OMG! I miss this!!!! waaaaaaa! is there a place in Davao where I can purchase this? I'll be in Davao next month...i want sommmeee!! As far as I know this is originally from CDO. right? wrong? hehehe!

  10. oh, is this available in supermarket? looks very yummy.. my daughter said that it is available in a local supermarket nearby. wanna pick one.

  11. yummy shots! would love to try their durian-filled buns.... :)

    thanks so much for sharing over at Food Friday, Ms. Vhen

  12. that looks sweet! and your shots makes it looked yummier!
    how much was it and what store did you buy it from? :)

    thanks for visiting my FTF entry!


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