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Sunday, February 5

Project 366 | Week 5

Hello everyone!
Another week passed, time flies so fast.

Anyway, our week was quite fine. Monday, I make sure (every time Sasha's gone to their classroom) to write down their classroom activities if my notebook is with me or I will just take a photo of their bulletin board when I feel lazy to write. Saves time too :)

Off for some errand. Took this photo when our ride stopped to fix the wheel. Some farmers were busy tending the field.

Aside form cross-stitching, other parents also making this paper craft at school. They are using recycled papers, magazines to form flower vases, flowers and swan-like figure. And I'm planning to do this after my cross stitch project.

I asked my SIL to buy me a planner but too bad the planner I want so much was no longer available. So she bought me this simple planner instead. Time for some planning and I don't know what to write! haha!

I went to skin clinic to have my face cleaned and treated. Bought this Ube Macapuno cake for my daughter. Its been a while I ate some cake. This is my favorite from Red Ribbon.

Its a date. Me and my daughter headed to the city to look for her costume. She will dance at Kiddie Olympics this coming Friday. She wore the headband given by her godmother. Looks serious, she wanted to go out fast and escape picture taking.

Time for some studying. Writing letters and numbers.

How about you? How was your week?

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