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Tuesday, February 7

Let's Face It

I'm the queen of all the laziest when it comes to applying beauty products on my face. I am only good at the beginning, when I am truly inspired or when I already realized how terrible my face is. lol  But yes, there are unused bottles and tubes anywhere here,  there are also bottles half full and mostly expired already.

Anyway, last Friday I decided to visit Let's Face It to have my face cleaned and my pimples treated. Zits are popping out and I don't look good anymore. They gave me these pimple treatment kit that cost me 1K + aside form the facial cleaning and the mask. A bit pricey as well as painful way to look beautiful!

No pain, no gain.

Oh well, hoping it will work.

Any suggestions regarding this? Thanks!


  1. I'd like to have one! need that as I have pimples too.

    Thanks for dropping by sis vhen!

  2. same here! lol im very lazy too! haha hope it works on u sis. keep it up! dont be lazy. hehe
    thanks for visiting my whites!

  3. Me and hubby had facial treatment at Let's Face It when we went to the Philippines last November. It's so cheap to have facial treatments there than here in the States.

    All the best on your facial skin care :)

    Visiting you back for WW ^^

  4. I badly needed those...weeee!

    thanks for visiting my WW entry sis!

    liked this page on FB.

  5. hahaha same here, Ill only use these kinds of products when I feel like my face could not face it anymore lol mine is up and its here thanks My Daily Mumbles

  6. Truelyly! No pain, no gain :)

  7. I hope that works best for you. I'f you're the queen of laziness to put any products on, I am next to you. But I am worst actually because even in starting one, I don't really do it. LOL.

    Visiting for Wednesday Whites!

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  8. those are cool beauty products Sis :-) hope you continue the routine, I suck on it :-( Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.

  9. i don;t have pimples but I have lots of white heads.. haaay.. i really need to have this taken cared of.
    Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites… sorry for the late visit. Visiting also from my entry,


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