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Tuesday, February 7

Let Go No Matter How You Love a Person

I could not contain my sadness hearing stories from friends or distant friends when they tell me about what's happening in their married lives. I am dealing with the same issues when someone trusted me their stories and that happens almost everyday. We were just talking at my kid's school earlier today with other parents about fidelity issues. My heart went to those women who remain faithful beyond words, who stand firm and take courage to face problems while doing their responsibility as a parent and a spouse.

I mustered the courage to ask one of them why still stay in that kind of relationship if it doesn't make them happy anymore. The usual reasons like concerning about their kids, the years they spent together and the like surfaces more than their own happiness. Isn't it admirable or what?

I could not speak for each of them, but I admire those women who decided to stay despite the hardship of being cheated on. They think about their kids above themselves no matter how painful it would be. Personal choices take place even though there are plenty of reasons to let go. Like being miserable is one of the many reasons to move on than staying.

Sometimes I don't understand why others opted to be in that relationship? Why stay if they are no longer happy? Even if they say because they love their spouses, how about loving themselves too? I guess its time to let go when they know they did everything for the marriage to work even though the other partner is not doing his/her part. What's the use?

If they both love each other, I guess there would be no any feelings of misery in both sides. So if one of them  feels that kind of negative emotion from the other, then maybe that other is not loving the best way. Because if he/she does, both of them will be happy even with those petty quarrels.

My marriage with my husband is not perfect, not even close to it. And I must admit shamelessly, there are times I am not happy. Well, maybe because we are apart. I know happiness can be found within oneself but admit it too, sometimes you need someone to make you fully happy as well.

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