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Monday, January 16

K-12 Educational Program

I tell you, I scarcely watch tv or read the tabloid. And when I stumble on this article about the K-12  Educational Program, sounds like a dog to me. teehee! But seriously, maybe you will say, why not watch some news so I'd be educated because I appear like I don't know anything at all. Hahaha! But I just DON'T like to watch. Period.

SO yeah, what's this all about then?

The article says K+12 stands for Kinder plus 12 years. And the aim for this program is to fully prepare every students to be more ready and suitable for current needs of today's industries.

The program will necessitate kindergarten, six years of grade school, four years of junior high school (grades 7 to 10), and two years of senior high school (grades 11 to 12).

DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro said, “In 2012, we will begin using the new curriculum for Grade 1 and Grade 7. The curriculum is almost complete for these two levels, and we will soon begin preparing our teachers.

The grade one pupils will be required to go to school for four hours while high school curriculum will be made more “interactive”; based on the “science of everyday life.

What is your say regarding this?

Personally, not bad at all. Because honestly, to uplift again the educational system, it also requires the government agencies concern to make a smart change with its program. And this is all for the future of the students. It's highly competitive now and we need to  walk side by side with it and not behind. Well of course, not all of us can really afford  this new program, but hoping that government will help those less fortunate pupils striving to get a good education. 



  1. same here, i get headaches reading/watching local news:)
    as per the program, i knew for sure the govt knew that we, parents, were sending our kids to school as soon as they began to walk & talk. Who wouldn't want a good education for our kids? I guess, it's time the gov't knew that what our system needed is not "further" lengthening the years the kids have to attend schooling, but, that the system of education be improved. teachers, reading materials, scrapping of unnecessary subjects...hayzzz:)

  2. To the first world countries in which students have monthly allowances subsidized by their government, this is ok. But to a country like us, this is a bit difficult especially to families belong to a rat race. I should say if this is relevant, to just improve curriculums and screen teachers before hiring them. Apparently not all teachers are well-deserved and only hired becausse of nepotism that really exist in the Philippines.
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