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Sunday, January 1

New Year Celebration

This is our humble table last night.

And we were just 3 plus my tot. Too much for us, really. 
Heck, new year comes only once so its just OK. I did most of the cooking last night, feeling chef! lol

Penne in spicy tomato sauce and cream

Creamy carbonara

Chicken, ham and cheese rollups

Vegetable lumpia

Tortilla with medium hot cheese dip

Graham cake



  1. Every dish looks so yummy! Happy New Year! :)

    Visiting po for YS

  2. I love all the foods, all of them are so yummy. BTW here's my first entry for Yummy SUnday I hope you can visit too thanks!
    Sahm’s Dining Diary

  3. wow! the not-so-ordinary new year handa! ang sarap!!! sana may recipes din... hehehehe... Happy New Year! was here for YS! here's mine:

  4. Yum...looks very delish :-) great choices of foods Sis :-) Visiting for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the favor too.

  5. Wow the table is full of food. I am intrigue with that graham cake. Looks good! Happy New Year!

    Fruit Centerpiece

  6. its all yummy!!! i wanna have some bbq please! =D
    mine is Red Kidney Beans

  7. everything looks sooo yummy, vhen! you are such a pro! about tomatoes in arrozcaldo, i think normally there are no tomatoes but I just put it there kasi parang ma over ripe na that time, sinabay ko na sa gisa! LOL. happy new year!


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