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Thursday, November 3

House Paint

This would help in the near(?) future, when we already have to buy or build our own house.

House paint, what do I know about it really?

Aside from my favorite color pink, I seldom know what color goes well with other color. I could go care less to as long as I painted my wall pink, haha!

Seriously, here are some tips to spruce up the bedroom or the entire home.

1. Your Baby's Nursery
 You don't want your baby gagging and hacking to the whiff of fresh paint, so if it's a nursery you're preparing, skip the hazardous odors of oil based tints and go for something mild and water-based instead! Low-VOC (that means volatile organic compound) paints are eco-friendly, and do not let off toxic gases into the atmosphere- your young one can now sleep soundly and not have to wake up with lung cancer in the next twenty years!
 EYP Recommends: Flugger Paint
Flugger paints from Denmark have been hailed as one of the most environmentally friendly paints on the market, and was introduced in the Philippines in 2009. With a wide selection of latex interior and exterior painting options, Flugger will ensure that your home is not only eco-friendly, but toxic free as well!
 2. Your bedroom/ DIY studio apartment/ tiny space to call your own
 Assuming that this is the one room you've got all to yourself, and you just can't wait to move in, you're probably too excited to wait for all that paint to dry. Quick-drying water-based paints are easy to use, and clean up with warm soapy water. Pre-mixed varieties are available at any hardware store, so you've got loads of time to spare while skipping the wait of mixing your paint and waiting for your walls to dry. Some water-based paints are also anti-microbial, meaning germs and mold won't be growing and crawling all over your walls-- this is perfect for messy homeowners!
 EYP Recommends: Boysen Healthy Home with Microban
Boysen's Healthy Home line specializes in low-VOC, acrylic interior paint that is also odorless and antibacterial! WHAT? Yup, it's true- these paints come with Microban, an ingredient that provides antibacterial protection from things like E. Coli, Salmonella, mold, mildew and fungus by preventing its growth! Boysen also claims that it doesn't wash or wear off, meaning your interiors will remain microbe-free for as long as your walls are covered in this new paint.
3. Floors and Ceilings
 Floors and ceilings require much more elbow grease than the rest of your house, just because they're prone to water stains from the roof or are the victims of messy house guests and children who love to spill things everywhere. Epoxy paint is an interior-only industrial paint that's so strong it's literally resistant to gasoline, acids, cleaners, salt water and several chemicals.  Yup, try it on your ceiling, your indoor pool, or a sauna if you please because nothing will destroy this baby. 
4. Home Exterior
So if epoxy paint is the Superman of all interior surfaces, meet its exterior counterpart! Elastomeric paint has all the durable qualities of epoxy paint, but is used on exterior surfaces, especially stucco and concrete. It seals cracks, keeps out water and is practically impervious to sun and wind. Other exterior friendly paints include air cleaning varieties that literally convert pollution into harmless refuse!
EYP Recommends: Boysen KnoXout Air Cleaning Paint
This one is an absolute favorite- paint that claims to transform air pollutants like nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide into harmless gases like calcium nitrate, which can then be washed away by the rain. Ever notice the awesome artwork by Tence Ruiz near the Magallanes MRT station on the south bound side of EDSA? That was Boysen KNOxOUT's anti-pollution campaign using their amazing new paint! Watch our for more awe-inspiring urban renewal projects by Boysen and artists like Baby Imperial, Coco Anne, Virgilio Aviado, Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Neil Oshima, Erika Tan, Tapio Snellman and even the entire TBWA Art Department!
5. Gate
Enamel paint is used on most metallic surfaces and comes in matte and gloss varieties. However, more often than not, they aren't environmentally friendly. Using a water based paint on metal will, obviously, cause it to rust-- you don't want any burglars breaking through now do you? 
6. Decorative Painting: wood trims, furniture
Oil based paint is the oldest type of paint in the business. It's shiny, stands wear and tear, seals up a lot of stuff pretty good and is almost stain resistant. It's called oil because it was made with oil, hence the glossy sheen you get once it dries. The downside? Oil paint should be used in moderation because of its high VOC levels, which practically rape the atmosphere. Also, they take ages to dry and if used outside, they WILL fade and become brittle under the sun. Using oil paint on corniche, wood trims and furniture is fine though, just because it looks really, really good and is easy to clean once it gets stained!

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