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Tuesday, July 12

Yummy Palitaw

My all time favorite, palitaw!

I had it few days ago, and I am craving for this now...
Maybe I will cook tomorrow. ;)


  1. hmmm.. TL naman sa post mu... hahaha.. was here for WW..

  2. my fav palitaw, lulubog, lilitaw, bow! hehe was here for WW Vhen.

    A Woman's Note

  3. aside from kuchinta, i love palitaw too!!! parang gusto ko na yatang kumain e... was here for WW! hope you can drop by mine too!

  4. let me crave with you sis..can't wait for Christmas..hehe

    here for WW, hope u could visit mine here

  5. I don't really like palitaw but the photo looks so tempting. Ginutom tuloy ako, LOL!

  6. Ayayay! That's my fave! Tulo laway tuloy! :(

    Visiting from WW. I'm flooded with whites this week! Sorry, I just had so much to share! I promise they won't bore you though! :)
    Snowy Playground
    Nissan El Grand
    Unnamed White Statue
    White Blooms

    I hope to see you landing on my pages! Have a wonderful day! ;-)

  7. penge po. peborit nmin ni hubs yan...kaso d ako marunong magluto lang, hehe

  8. hi vhen! thanks for joining WW this week.. and I love palitaw too! Now you are making me want to look for ingredients so I can make some.hahaha..

    by the way, I already included this blog in my food blogroll! ;)



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