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Monday, July 25

Comfy Slip-Ons

I am more comfortable wearing flip flops honestly. Guess how many pairs of Havaianas I got so far? ;)

Well, I do have a pair of Nike shoes but I seldom use it. Because every time I did, my feet aches, it form blisters and then scar. Maybe because I have stopped wearing close shoes for a long time that made my feet uncomfortable.

Of course that doesn't cut  me fancying over sneakers, rubber shoes, slip-ons and the like. The one I usually wear is my Sanuk and I wore that during our wedding two years ago. YES!!! Haha! Sanuk on a wedding? Imagine!!!

Enough about that.

Here's the real topic.

My sis bought this pair of shoes before her flight abroad. A very comfortable slip-on shoes plus its light weight makes her always on the go because its hassle free when in hurry.

She bought it in Baclaran during her off from training at about 300pesos or less..


  1. I've been wearing slip ons a lot even at work because they're very comfortable. Lately I'm trying to get back to wearing pumps. I realize slip ons are not proper office footwear.

    The Twerp and I

  2. Nice! I heard that this slip ons are really comfty. My friend have this espadrilles in a variety of color.

    Have a nice day! Hope to see u in my blog! :)

  3. They DO look so very comfortable!!!


    Have a fabulous Tuesday.


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