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Saturday, July 2

Cheese Sticks

I want to cook a yummy snack for my tot when she's at home and in school. As much as possible, I want to cook her everyday snack at school.

So my first attempt was to cook cheese sticks.

Note: I'm a newbie cook so bear with my mistakes about step by step procedures and also the terms used. but corrections are welcome. :) Thanks!


cheese of your choice

cut the wrapper into two equal parts

cut the cheese into strips but must be thick enough or according to your preference

wrap the cheese

and it looks like this

and when done wrapping heat the pan, add the oil  and then fry the sticks

It's an easy-peasy  yummy snack.

My tot even helped me. :)

Here it is... I suggest you cut the cheese more thicker so when you take a bite its more cheesier.

I also made a dip for it. Plain mayo and ketchup then mix.


  1. haven't tried cooking cheese...this looks so easy... anyway, visiting you YS entry!

    here's mine:

  2. Good am, Vhen! Aga ng YS natin, ah. Hehehe.

    Congrats on your 1st attempt. It looks delish!!!

    Mine's up here. Enjoy!

  3. Now that is awesome!! but we don't have that kind of wrapper, so thin and looks crunchy. Happy weekend!

    Leche Flan

  4. easy to do. sometimes my sis asks that we prepare this one paired with sandwich for bfast.

  5. Vhen i used to do that when i was still in pinas. as in favorite namin na snakc yan lalo na ng niece ko..yummy talaga..

    thanks sa visit

  6. wow! sarap...gumagawa din ako nyan...perfect Vhen..Anyway, was here for YM. Hope you can visit mine too.

    A Woman's Note

  7. I was drooling at the cheese!

  8. galing! I haven't really tried this at home; I'll do it next time - inspired by you... thanks

    My Entry

    see you around... cheers!

  9. sipag naman ni sasha, nakikitulong din:)

  10. another newbies here and i knew your cheese sticks are delicious...:) reminds me that we need to do this again very soon! visiting from YS and WE, have a great week! :)

  11. I tried making cheese sticks before but made the mistake of using quickmelt cheese. Aray ang mga talsik! :(

    Visiting via Yummy Sunday. Here's my entry: Komoro Soba


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