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Sunday, June 26


Hiya everyone! Another blog of mine, hehehe! Its a food blog, I love to eat so do my hubby and tot, that's why it is just justifiable for me to cook! I can't say I'm a bad cook, I'm just lazy.  Anyway, I got envious every time I stumble on food blogs then I thought why not make cooking a new passion? 

OK, enough of that.

The host of this meme is giving away $5 each to the TOP 3 with the highest number of referrals this week. All you have to do is invite participants to join this meme and if they do join, tell them to comment something like "Joining this week! I was referred by-- write the name of the person. That's it, and if its your referral's first time to join it will be counted twice but they have to say joining for the first time.

So refer now and earn more followers! Enjoy!


  1. Hi followed you as momgen hope you follow me back...

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  6. Hi!

    My first time to join the caravan. I also have a new food blog like u. Hope u visit mine.

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  7. hello, just followed your blog, hope to see you around :-)

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    Shengkayful ..

  10. Wow Vhen! bago..:)

    Came here from WBFC # 15.already a follower sis....

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