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Thursday, June 16

Frugal Find: Pink Tee

Aside from watching out for sale in malls, I also love looking for great finds at tiangges, like in Greenhills for example. For me being frugal means buying items with low price but with good quality. If it has poor quality though its 70% off from the original price, I wont buy it.

This tee which I bought at Greenhills is worth 200Php. It is made of cotton and it fits perfectly. When I saw it first time, I know I have to buy it.  hehehe! Because I believe in PINK. lol

*Oh, someone said I should make a meme titled frugal find. Well, I would love to but I don't think I can go with it on regular basis. So can someone do it instead? hehehe


  1. Hi Vhen, I only used plastic curler for my hair, haven't tried the hot iron curler yet maybe soon. :D dropped by and followed, thanks for following me.

  2. Ang cute ng tee! I miss shopping for myself. Hay!

    Visiting via Pink Fridays. Here's mine: Scribble App

  3. I believe in it too hahaha.. lovely Vhen.. was here for PF :)

  4. that's a nice tee! i'm sure it will look good on you! visiting you from PF and wishing you a great weekend! :)

  5. Pink is fabulous! Visiting from PF. Sorry for the late visit, though. Here's MINE. See you around.

  6. that is too cute! I like the color..not too pinkish....:)


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