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Tuesday, June 14

Frugal Find: Bench Shirt

I adore shirts with doodles print on them. I don't know but I find them cute and I feel young when wearing one. *big smile*

Just like this shirt from Bench, I bought in on SALE few months ago and I haven't worn it yet not once. If  you can see there is still the sticker, that round pink there.

And I just really love the print, don't you?


  1. Vhen..this is really a good find - maybe you can make a meme out of this? Frugal Finds? ^^v

  2. I love the print too! It is like a reminder that it is okay to be silly at times. Sorry for the late visit. Here is my WW entry . Thanks and see you!

  3. cute nga vhen! love it too..:)

    Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope you can visit my shares: Balangay , Afternoon Bonding , Kalachuchi Look-alike and JanzCrystalz. Thanks

  4. i love your frugal find! :) i love bench! :)

    Sorry for my late visit! Here are my whites:
    Sooo White MAM Building
    White Blooms
    Thanks and see yah!

  5. so kikay.. love it ! thanks for sharing your whites this week! raya

  6. cute shirt!

    dropping by from Wednesday Whites..hope you can drop by at mine - seeing me in my White medical uniform and my kutsinta with white dessicated coconut.see yah!

  7. this is indeed a nice shirt. true, parang teenager ka ulet when you wear one. :)

    thanks for joining JB. :)


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