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Friday, December 9

Mall Rat Gone Shopping for Clothes

This little lady is undeniably a certified mall rat. I guess it runs in the blood too ;) I am fortunate that she isn't the type who whine a lot while in the mall unlike other kids.

But this mall rat of mine, sheessshh... she loves it so much.

She always had fun whenever we go out like last time. She tried on different clothes and shoes. And she chose what we bought.

I say, she has a fashion sense. She always picked those expensive stuffs. Yaayy!

Now that's what I call one of the few disadvantage of bringing her to the mall. lol


  1. What a fun, fitting the clothes..

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..Simply click the link..

  2. SHop-a-holic in the making ba? hehehe

  3. cutie girl mahilg n dn mag shopping :D ehhehehe

  4. cute little shoppers...hahaha.. visiting from PF

  5. haha, the advantage is, ul get the right sizes, though. but, i guess, there's more disadvantages ^_^

  6. must be nice to be shopping buddy with your daughter ;)

    thanks for the PF visit!

    see you around ;)

  7. hehe daming pera ni mommy, hala iha pili ka lng heheh

  8. Haha little mall rat is a fashionista too. Here's my daughter's post -

    Happy PF!

  9. at least yung pinipili nya is good quality.. Late visit for Pink fridays, I hope you could find time to visit my share at

  10. loved the first outfit, shop-aholic just like Mommy :-) Returning the love for PF, thank you for the visit. I do appreciate it :-)

  11. such a little fashionista!

    Late visit for PF! Hope you don't mind! :)

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    UGG Drools
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  12. so cute! bagay na bagay sa kanya yung first outfit...kikay!

  13. beautiful little sha! merry christmas vhen.. sorry for the very late PF visit! merry christmas..


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