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Wednesday, December 28

Lunch at Tokyo Cafe

My kid is a food critic, well that's according to her grandma (my MIL). When we went to Mall of Asia to have lunch during their field trip, this young lady dragged me inside of Tokyo Cafe. Obviously it wasn't her first time there. She's been there couple of times already. And yes, maybe she knows the food at heart.

Well, what can I do but to surrender to her whim. :)

I ordered a glass of lemon ice tea for her drink.

My favorite pasta with mushroom and shrimp. Pardon me, I forgot what it is called. :(

And she ordered this burger with fries for herself.

The foods were superb as always. And looking forward to taste all their yummy foods.


  1. i haven't tried any pasta dish at Tokyo Cafe. your choice looks delicious!

  2. Wow Vhen that looks really yummy!! And that cutie right there is getting bigger hehe. Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Fresh Miki

  3. we'll try tokyo cafe soon! i think i like the pasta

  4. yummy share, visiting for PF, I hope you could pay me a visit at

    wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year..

  5. She looks cute and the food is yummy. Visiting from PF!

  6. How can you resist that cuties request Mommy :-) Visiting for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  7. Yummy foods.. Surely, she had a good meal:)

    Visiting for PF! Here's my share- hope you can visit too..

  8. ohhh, isn't that cute!
    your pasta dish looks delicious! i should order that when we get another chance to eat there... :)

    thank you so much for sharing your post over at Food Friday, Ms. Vhen
    Happy 2012!

  9. sha is such a cutie! i am so drooling over those food photos you posted! thanks for the visit, late visit via PF
    Raya of Culture Medley

  10. cute girl you have there, she poses and smiles. i'm hungry for food right now but I still have to finish my blog hop. lol. Hope to see you in my Pink entries one and two. Happy New Year!


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