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Tuesday, December 6

Long Hair No More

Cutting her hair was out of plan that day we went to the mall. Though my little lady suggested several times already to have a hair cut. As usual, it was because her friend at school who also had her hair cut short. Kids! 

As we passed by at a salon, my little lady dragged me inside. I couldn't back out, then I sensed that she really wanted it seriously.

So what I can do? We haven't asked permission from hubby, ohh we did but he would always say to us "kayo bahala".

And so, his girl decided for herself. hahaha!

just look at the smile

looking herself in the mirror

about to cut the hair

And the result.....

At first I was scared that her hair would go straight. But it shows little curls and I hope as it grows, her hair hair would be back eventually.

It was her second time to cut her hair. The first was when she was one year old.

Daddy's reaction was this----- 


  1. ca cute sa imomng anak.... submit this entry to purple saturday ...hehehe

  2. hi vhen... cure sa imong anak. oi e submit ni sa purple saturday ...

  3. aw, looking like a pretty lady na. bilis lumaki.

  4. i love her short hair, mas bagay sa kanya, dalagang-dalaga. was here for WW!

  5. i agree, she looks great with her short hair! i love that smile!

    Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites!
    Visiting as a host and from my entries,

  6. After hair cut, it's looks more neat.

  7. ohhh now why did you cut her hair mommy, she is cuyte with that curly hair,

  8. Beautiful girl-- in a long or short hair! :)

    Visiting for WW! Better late than never, right? ;-)

    in Trento Agusan Sur
    Fila for Him

  9. awww she looks more cuter in her new hair cut Mommy, loved it :-) Thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for WW, hope that you can return the favor too.


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