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Wednesday, December 7


I don't have much time every morning to prepare a heavy breakfast for me and my tot. Almost always, its only her who have eaten her breakfast before going to school. 

So at school because its just near the market like maximum of 5 minutes walk, every morning I go there to buy me a breakfast. Or any food I can find that I want to eat.

Like this boiled cassava. It became my official food. :) There are varieties of food made of cassava I just don't know the names. Haha! I will update you next time.

Nutrition Facts

You can use the following information to decide whether or not to include cassava in your diet.
The cassava is:
  • Low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium
  • High in Vitamin C and Manganese
The nutritional value and health benefits of cassava makes it somewhat suitable for:
  • Gaining weight
Don't eat too much cassava if you're interested in:
  • Maintaining good general health
  • Losing weight

Nutritional Values

The following table outlines the basic nutritional values of cassava.
PreparationPortionCarbs (g)Fiber (g)Fat (g)Energy (kj)
Cassava - peeled, boiled100g30.520.5550


  1. Cassava isn't bad.Love it for a cake specially the creamy ones :)

    Hopping from Homemaking and Beyond

  2. i haven't tried it boiled.. i love cassava cake tho!


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