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Friday, December 2

Beef Broccoli in Cream of Mushroom Soup

I copy this recipe from my Kumare's hubby when I stayed in their abode few weeks ago. I am not sure if beef broccoli in mushroom soup is really what you call it. So if by chance you know this recipe, just do correct me. ;) I am still on my way of learning so much around the kitchen. So again bear with me, hehe!


fresh mushroom
beef (slice it very thin for easy cooking)
1 can cream of mushroom soup


Heat the pan, add the butter and saute garlic and onion until brown.
Add the beef  and when its tender put the broccoli and mushroom (note: you can blanch the veggies for easy cooking too).
Then put the cream of mushroom soup, sprinkle some pepper and let it simmer for few minutes or until the veggies are OK.

So there my copied recipe. :)

Verdict: I should have added more broccoli, its more yummier. But its almost perfect! You might want to try it also. :)


  1. wow, this is quiet interesting! when I make my own version of beef broccoli, I use gravy sauce mix...hehhee...looks yummy though!

    ito pala yung vid on how to make a crepe sis:

  2. That is yummy, Vernz. Masarap to sa malamig na panahon! ^_^

    Apple Mini Pie

  3. hi, how are u na vhen?

    my kids will love ur version while mine is less of the cream:)

    u might wanna check my too, hihi or u could browse at the site for more variation, CREPES or PANCAKES

    salamat ha

  4. haven't gone around your blogs for sometime...

    I haven't tried this dish with cream of mushroom, I only do beef, mushroom and brocolli as is with oyster sauce...looks yumm!

  5. i think i've tried something similar before, and it tastes yummy! :)

    thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe over at Food Firday, Ms. Vhen
    happy weekend!

  6. that looks delicious! nakakagutom...parang masarap yan on a crunchy bread! :)

  7. Wow looks yummy yummy! Want to try it :) thanks Vhen!

  8. Tried your recipe and it's delicious! Thanks Vhen.

  9. Oh goodness! your dish reminds me of my vacation in Asia. I love this kind of dish..I will try this Vhen and hopefully it will taste as good as yours.

    PS: Sorry wasn't able to comment right away, I was out of the country for the last 2 weeks.


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