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Friday, August 5

I Need this Badly...

My pimples are popping out again on my face. *sigh* I can't seem to get rid of it and I have been using every products that said to cure pimples. But no effect!

I'm getting tired so my face too, lol

Maybe what I need now is a treat to derma and get a facial treatment. Its been ages the last time I got pricked and cried. heehee!

Let me check my budget first...


  1. hay same here, nagppiyesta ang pimples sakinngayon, trulili...
    pero la budget sa salon...pautang...nyahaha

  2. That's a reminder for me too. I so need a facial, hayz. No time! And budget! LoL!

    Hopping from Pink Friday! And of course, hope you have a colorful week... then bring in the colors to the Colorful Weekend link party I host every Saturday! :D Let’s make a rainbow of the colors that rock our week. Fun!

  3. Pimples are attacking me, too, right now, for PMS reasons. Arrggghhhhh! You still look pretty no matter what! :)

    Visiting late; my apology. Thanks for checking out my PF entries. If you haven't yet, you still are welcome!
    Pink Scarf in my Friend's Neck
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    Pink Hyacinth

    Thanks and have a great day!


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