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Thursday, July 28

I Heart Shakey's

The last time I went to Manila I made sure to meet my long time girl friend. I waited for her at Greenhills Shopping Center while roaming around for window shopping.

And when she arrived, we opted to eat in Shakey's - one of my favorite restaurant.

I love the new Shakey's menu, there are additional variants of food to choose from. Well, they have to keep up with other emerging restaurants in town. 



  1. looks yummy~licious! there used to be a Shakey's near my place but was closed down few yrs back. wat a waste! :P

    Happy FF, Vhen!


  2. I heart Shakey's too! It's the best pizza for me :)

    The Twerp and I

  3. I love Shakey's too, but I still haven't tasted their onion rings yet.

    Thanks for stopping by my FTF post.


  4. it's the mojos for me.:p
    i was at Shakey's in Fstival Mall last week and it was full, we had to wait for our table. i guess it's their affordable prices that make people come back.

  5. I love Shakey's, too!

  6. i only tried shakeys one time and that was when i was a kid. it was their opening in davao and got a cheese pizza which is not very good because i find it rubbery. lol and never went back. hehehe..
    but ur choice is food looks so yummy! i should go back and try those one day =)

    heres my FTF entry

  7. delicious! love that salad...! :)

    cool new template, Vhen!
    thanks for playing again, and
    happy weekend! :)

  8. Looks like you had so much fun and a lot of food!! Happy weekend!

    Adobong squid

  9. Oh yeah! The Captain's Choice :) I love it :)

  10. great choices and looks like you're having a feast. everything's yummy. visiting from FTF, have a great weekend! :)

  11. i miss Shakey's! i like their calamari, though sometimes it is overcooked. lol

    visiting via Food Friday :)

  12. I love Shakeys as well, I can't forget their mojos! :) Yum!

    Please check my post for this week: Gardenia Plant Tour and Interesting Snacks You Can Make

  13. i heart shakey's, too! waaah! tulo laway ko dito ngayon, sis! lol

    thanks for dropping by my banana plantain fried! ;-)


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