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Saturday, July 30

Homemade Stir fried Noodles

This was my first attempt to cook stir fried noodles. It took me awhile to cook this really, because I often forgot to buy the ingredients. lol

It is my favorite snack and it is best paired with steamed/fried siomai.

So I bought egg noodles, sprouted mongo [or is there any right term for it?], tofu and chili paste.

And it is easy-peasy to cook. I guess there's no need to elaborate. ;)

There's a tiny glitch though, the noodles were tad overcooked and it lacked sprouted mongo. What a shame! heehee!

Nevertheless, it's still yummy!

I'm not saying it because I cooked it, but its the truth!
Ask the people who have eaten it, lol

Oh well, just think its my first time.


  1. haven't tried that...was here for YS!

  2. you still did great for trying it for the first time! the noodles' maybe from vietnam...:) visiting from YS, hav a great week. :)

  3. looks yummy, like noodles, visiting from ys, hope you can visit me back here


  4. haven't tried cooking that, but it looks like your learning a lot in your cooking experiences. :)

  5. ok lang yan te...first time pa mn din..

    hopping from Yummy Sunday <<== [my entry last week] week late..but ain't it better than never visited, right? :D

    have a blessed weekend!


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