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Thursday, July 7

Dinengdeng Meets Fried Tilapia

famous ilokano viand, Dinengdeng

it goes well with this crispy fried Tilapia



  1. oooh, yummy! i have no idea how to cook dinengdeng, but have tasted it. simple, but nutritious! perfect talaga with the maraming rice. :)

    ps. off- topic: cute template! :)

  2. soul food pareho...sarap nyan! perfect ung combination!

    thanks for the visit...
    Happy Food Friday :)

  3. my mother would be so happy to have the dinengdeng--it has all her favorite veggies.

  4. What a lovely combination! Happy FTF! Here's my entry:

  5. OH my! Sobrang paborito ko etong luto na eto. I am obviously drooling over here.

    Thanks for the comment at LAINY'S MUSINGS, Vhen.

    See yah!

  6. Perfect combination!!!and i see a squash flower too in your diningding.yummy!!!

  7. Naku po patawarin at na missed ko na to forget the diet basta ito na ang ulam ko kulang isang bandihadong kanin haha^_^

    Fresh Cherries

  8. Mmmm good!

    thanks for stopping by

  9. i must get some tilapia next grocery shopping trip! this one you got makes me crave for some right now! :D

    I have some BIRTHDAY LEFTOVERS at mine! Let me know if you virtually want some! :D

  10. i love this dinegdeng. masarap talaga yung sabong ti kalabasa

    here's my entry

  11. perfect...more rice for me for sure! tsaka bagoong at calamansi, sawsawan ng prito. kagutom sis! visiting from FTF and FF. have a great week! :)

  12. my gosh! nakakatakam naman ito...very healthy!

  13. back here from FF naman! hehehe! have a great week! :)


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