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Sunday, July 17

Bubble Tea Experience

While waiting for my friend at Megamall and after I strolled around, I decided to eat lunch. Because I wanted to eat in a new place and it happened that I passed by Bubble Tea and I never tried there before, so I settled myself there and out of curiosity too..

I ordered peach green tea for my drink.

And grilled vegetable in tomato sauce.

They also offers delivery.
Aww, is Pangasinan included? heehee!

Here comes my drink.

I like it even more because of the pink straw, haha!

Combined with black sago, so delicious!

And my dish..

It has grilled cucumber, tomato and eggplant.
Because I wanted it a little spicy, I added hot sauce.

So perfect! I was curious how grilled veggies works with pasta. And I found it deliciously perfect, really! Hoping to eat this again this coming weekend because I'm going to Manila for some errand... Excited much!


  1. nice pasta. i shouldve tried that. we ate there before and had tonkatsu (or was that katsudon) for my sis and ramen for me. we werent quite satisfied :(

  2. looks so yummy, and the tea is so refreshing...was here for YS Vhen.


  3. yeah.. the drink look refreshing indeed!.. Hmm... I'm also curious how the pasta taste like with the grilled veggies.. but it does look yummy for me even if I'm not a veggie eater.

    Thanks for visiting My Yummy Sunday entry- FRIED ICE CREAM . Have a blessed sunday!

  4. refreshing and the pasta looks delish. was here for YS! hope you can drop by mine too!

  5. parati ko nAririnig yang BUBBLE TEA. kelan ko ba yan ma ta try ? ehehe

    visiting from YS:)

    mine is up here:

  6. literally sis!! magpapabili na ako kay hubby ng pasta because I am so drooling! hahaha.. thanks for the visit sis. Here for YS

  7. looking so yummy talaga!

    just hopping from yummy Sunday!!!

  8. yummy!!! can I have some :D

  9. YUMMY! I love the foodie Vhens...OMG! I was so excited seeing the fact, I am drooling for spag now:-( Just stopping for a late visit from Yummy Sunday:-) thanks for the comment girl:-) see yah next time yah?


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