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Saturday, June 18

Siko Solution

OK, let's be honest here...

One of the few body parts that we seldom complain because it is dark, rough and dry is no other than the elbow.


Personally, I agree. With my morena skin, expect that my elbow is more "morena:. LOL

I'm doing online reading when I came to read this article regarding my title. And I know it is worth sharing.

5 Steps to Whiter, Smoother Elbows 


Start with dry skin, preferably before taking a bath. Squeeze a dollop of sloughing lotion on your palm and firmly but gently massage onto your elbows. The lotion will lift dry, dull surface cells, allowing quicker absorption of the moisturizer and thus softening those rough spots. Rinse completely with water.


Lightly rub rough elbows with one of the following: a pumice stone, a loofah, a face towel, or the soft side of a foot file. Regular exfoliation will eventually smoothen the area. Never rub excessively or until it reddens; it will aggravate the condition.


Bathe with a whitening soap loaded with softening ingredients such as milk, papaya, and/or aloe vera. Do concentrated soaping of elbows and other rough skin patches. Leave on for at least three minutes then rinse with water. This action also increases blood circulation and helps rid of dead skin.


After taking a bath, massage your favorite lotion onto your elbows. Apply generously on extra dry areas such as heels and elbows to replenish lost moisture. 


The key step: apply a spot treatment cream that's specially formulated to whiten elbows. Apply once more before going to sleep on clean elbows (wash with a mild soap).

Why do we need to work hard to be beautiful? heehee! Needless to say spending bucks for it. Sheeesss...

Hope this could help me and for those who can relate.

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