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Sunday, June 19


Out of the blue, I suddenly thought of eating Jamaican pattie. But then it just made me to whine instead.


Because where the heck I'm going to buy here in the province?

Although SM is here already, but none of my favorite food chain is there.

I really want this. Aaarrgggg!

At Megamall.

Pinatubo and mango shake.

Can someone put a franchise at SM Rosales pleeaaseee?
Just in case someone is reading this. Heehee!

Smiling Sally


  1. Dito rin sa amin favorite ang Jamaican patties. :)

    Have a fabulous week!

    Liz @ MLC

  2. I'm reading this! hahaha...

    And never tried that Jamaican patties. It must have been so yum for you to crave the way you do. :D

    My entry is here:

  3. Yummy! this shot made me feel hungry!

    cheers and blessings,
    Tess at

  4. Those sound god. I am not familiar with the, here.

  5. I am sure that will be granted soon, mine is her Points of View and Thoughts, thanks!

  6. how about the crew do they look like jamaican too :)

    Life Moto - Happy Tuesday!

  7. The mall is the place to be when your craving is found at the take-out restaurant. The menu is large, the prices reasonable (I think...). The food, while not perfect, satisfies our craving. Supper for me in 3 hours, kinda wish I was there now with a craving for their food...

  8. dunno about jamaican patties..parang wala ata yan dito sa Cebu..hehehe..and even in Davao..but am not sure!

    dropping by from Green's my Green Monday Entry!see you there!

  9. would love to try it....yum!

  10. I have yet to try that!

    Please take a peek at my ruby tuesday when you have a time.

  11. if there's already a branch there on your next visit, then most probably they read this.

  12. wow, that's a big request you got here, thanks for sharing ! continue living green.


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