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Monday, June 27

5 Tips to Oil Free Skin

Glistening skin is my number one dilemma. I don't know how to get rid of it anymore. I have tried several products for oily skin but it seem as though its not working. Of course I have only tried those than I can afford. It pisses me off every time I look in the mirror, wow too shiny! Haha! And then I have to reapply face powder frequently.

OK, maybe I have to try another set of tips on how to tame my oil-glazed face.

STEP 1: CLEANSEProper washing will free pores from oil. Use a mild, hypoallergenic soap or facial cleanser and tap water. Never rinse with hot water, which can lead to dryness and irritation, although warm water is fine. Gently pat dry.
STEP 2: PREVENT Prone to breakouts? After cleansing and toning, use an acne-preventing gel daily for one month then apply every other day thereafter. If your problem is shine, use an oil-absorbing moisturizer which leaves an oil-free finish. 
STEP 3: PROTECTOily skin also needs sun protection too. Harmful UV rays cause skin to age. Get coverage from sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup packed with SPF. 
STEP 4: CONTROLA water-based, fragrance-free face powder that allows your skin to breathe is your secret to glowing yet matte skin and is great for touch-ups throughout the day. But before applying, use oil-blotting paper first to erase oil.
STEP 5: MIDDAY CHECKStop and assess your face. With a cotton ball, apply an astringent, cleansing cloth, or antibiotic (the choice depends on the amount of oil your skin secretes) to keep the dirt and grime from going deep into your skin. 

Hope it will work this time *sigh*

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